... it preserves the ancient road layout

of Islamic derivation almost unchanged …


The old town of Mazara del Vallo preserves, mainly in the north-eastern side, the ancient road from the Islamic domination.

On the left bank of the river Mazaro, where they Arabs settled after the Muslim conquest of 827 d. C., had previously been inhabited by Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans and Byzantines, probably thanks to the presence of the river navigable for several kilometers, which served as a natural harbor and the healthiness of the site, rich in water sources. The old town still retains part of the original Islamic setting with narrow streets, alleys and courtyards. 

The tour of the Casbah which involves significant places in this part of the ancient city, tells through the majolica panels (pottery is an ancient technique of hand-crafted imported into Sicily by the Arabs between the tenth and eleventh century AD.) some events related to the myth, history and legend.

In addition to the historical place names, new dedications of the alleys or courtyards have been placed, allowing visitors to rediscover a forgotten town, whose story is told in an unusual and original way.